December 2020: Fa La La La La La

Caroling Connection

December is all about the music. I was in Marshall’s Home Goods this weekend and Michael Bublé’s White Christmas album was serenading us while shopping. A UPS truck just drove by with “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” blasting out the windows. The Voice had a whole night devoted to Classic Holiday tunes last Tuesday lead by no other than Dolly Parton. Even my sister sent me a Disney video by Daveed Diggs on YouTube called Puppy for Hanukkah that I cannot stop watching: (hint hint)

Music is the X factor. Music is the great equalizer. Music is an olive branch. Music is connection. Music can bring you to tears. Music is calming. Music gets you in the mood. Music bring back memories from different times in your life. Music is the universal language of the world.

So, when my godson, Lane Faison, was doing his senior project on how classical music affects people with cognitive disorders, I organized a concert. Lane is a 17-year-old classical pianist who studies at the Conservatory of Music in Geneva Switzerland. He arranged a 40-minute concert full of pieces by Beethoven, Hayden and Chopin and performed it via zoom to over 40 residents of Evergreen Cottages in Katy, Texas. The audience looked like they were attending a performance of the Houston Symphony Orchestra. Everyone was quiet and fully engaged. This was a magical moment where I witnessed music making a connection with head, body, and soul. It was beautiful to witness.

Two Other Magical Music Moments

1. Watch what happened when the grandchildren, from Israel, visited their grandmother at Silverado Senior Living Hermann Park. When my client sent this to me I literally cried:

2. I can’t tell you how many times I have watched video of a Spanish ballerina’s response to Swan Lake. I tell each of my families that have a parent with Alzheimer’s “Remember, they are still in there.” This proves it’s true!

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