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Home care for the elderly, also known as in-home care, is a type of care that is provided in the older adult’s own home. This type of care is designed to help older adults maintain their independence while receiving the care and support they need to live comfortably and safely.

Senior Living Specialists Houston has the local knowledge of both national or chain home care options along with local ones too. If you have concerns over whether your loved one’s needs will be met with in-home care, we can complete a care assessment evaluation. Once we have done that, we can provide you a list of our recommended options best suited for your loved one.

What Do Home Care Companies Provide?

Home care is a good option for seniors because it allows them to remain in their own homes, receive tailored care, maintain privacy and comfort, and have continuity of care.

Home care services can include:

  • Assistance with daily living activities: such as bathing, dressing, and grooming.
  • Meal preparation and assistance with eating.
  • Medication management and reminders.
  • Maintain familiar surroundings, which can be particularly beneficial for those with memory impairments.
  • Allow seniors to remain in their own homes, which can promote independence and a sense of control over their own lives.
  • Assistance with mobility and transportation.
  • Help with housekeeping, laundry, and other household tasks.
  • Personal care, such as assistance with incontinence management.
  • Companionship and socialization.
  • Assistance with managing chronic conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease.
  • Care coordination and communication with healthcare providers.
  • Respite care, which provides temporary relief for family caregivers.

Home care services can be provided by a variety of professionals, including certified nursing assistants, home health aides, and personal care aides. These professionals are trained to provide the specific care and support older adults need to live comfortably and safely in their own homes.

Tips When Interviewing In-Home Care Providers

Houston offers a variety of different companies providing in-home care options but trying to differentiate between each one can be challenging and complex process. Here are some factors you should consider after narrowing down your home care options:

  1. Licensing and certification: Ensure that the home care provider is licensed and certified by the state in which they operate, and that they meet all state regulations for home care providers.
  2. Staff qualifications: Look for home care providers that have well-trained and qualified staff, including certified nursing assistants, home health aides, and other healthcare professionals.
  3. Services offered: Consider the services offered by the home care provider and make sure they meet your elderly parent’s needs.
  4. Caregiver-patient match: Look for home care providers that match caregivers to patients based on their individual needs, personalities, and preferences.
  5. Care plan: Make sure the home care provider will work with you and your parent to create a care plan that meets your parent’s unique needs.
  6. Reputation: Research the provider’s reputation by looking at online reviews and talking to other families who have used the provider.
  7. Communication: Look for home care providers that have open lines of communication with families and are responsive to their needs.
  8. Availability: Consider the provider’s availability, and make sure they can provide the level of care your parent needs when it is needed.
  9. Cost: Understand the cost of home care services and the payment options available.
  10. Flexibility: Look for home care providers that are flexible and willing to adjust their services as your parent’s needs change over time.

It is also important to arrange a visit to the provider’s facility and meet with their staff, if possible, to get a sense of the provider’s environment and approach to care.

The last tip we have is to trust your gut! If there is a provider that gives you a bad feeling for whatever reason during the evaluation process, listen to those feelings. Be sure to tell us what those concerns are and Senior Living Specialists Houston can find the right home care provider.

How Can Senior Living Specialists Houston Help Find Home Care?

Home care for the elderly is an attractive option for older adults who prefer to remain in their own homes, rather than moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility. It also allows older adults to maintain their independence and stay in familiar surroundings, which can be particularly beneficial for those with memory impairments.

Contact Senior Living Specialists Houston today for a list of recommended home care providers.

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