November 2020: Thanksgiving On My Mind

Table Talk

I was searching for a picture that I can see in my mind of a Thanksgiving dinner sitting around the table when my Dad was still alive and all the kids were little. As I sifted through the boxes of Kodak folders (remember those?), I stumbled upon these photos of this table. This was the first time my parents, Carl and Pat, met my in-laws, Giuliano and Caterina, circa 1990 “in” Sardinia, Italy. Although we did not speak a word of each other’s languages everyone found ways to understand each other. With large gesturing motions, laughter, wine, Caterina’s homemade ravioli, and lots of love and respect, we united. Sadly, only one of those parents are still alive today but I thought about the upcoming Thanksgiving table.

We are not going to be 18 people strong this year because most of our children cannot travel due to COVID-19, but we are going to gather around the table and break bread. This is a time to reminisce and to tell each other what we are thankful for. In this time of divisiveness let us leave our phones and politics at the door. Let us remember why we gather. Let us remember that we are family and that we love each other. Let us pray for our health, our families, our friends, our country, and our future.

In addition to taking care of yourself please remember to take care of your senior parents. They need to have their annual checkups and monitor their health issues. The CDC recommends talking to your doctors and having check-ins via online, email, by phone or virtually through telemedicine. If it is essential that you visit the doctor or dentist, follow the safety protocols provided by the CDC your doctor’s office. Please stay safe out there and wear a mask.

If the whole world could sit around a table and break bread, look into each other’s eyes, and really listen to what the other is saying the world would be a better place. In my family the emphasis is always on the food (that is another story), but the real entree is that we put our lives on the side, shelve our differences and enjoy being together.

Good things always happen around a table.

Food For Thought

Making meals is a problem for Seniors living at home. That is why this young dynamic entrepreneur, Shonah Jefferson, opened Chefs for Seniors. Her mission is to improve seniors’ lives through food, with compassion and excellence. The company is a first-of-its-kind meal service that connects seniors with certified, professional chefs who prepare high quality, convenient, affordable, nutritious meals in the home.

Shonah helps those who: no longer have the ability to prepare nutritious meals, find it difficult to plan nutritious meals, have specific dietary concerns and food preferences, are tired of eating out, are seeking help for a friend or family member, or are returning home from a hospital visit. Her service includes:n

  • A friendly visit from your personal chef
  • Homemade meals prepared in your kitchen using fresh ingredients
  • Selection of meals from 12 seasonal menu options that rotate weekly
  • Customization for different dietary concerns
  • Packaging, labeling, and reheating instructions
  • Cleaned kitchen

Contact Chefs for Seniors-North Houston to learn more:

(832) 956-1848

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