January 2021: Hitting The Mark

Getting my Robin Hood On

Our family made our New Year’s Resolutions….one about work, one about relationships and then a bucket list item we wanted to tackle. I do not want to bore you with talk of work and friends, but I made my family fall off their chairs in laughter when I said I always loved archery at camp, and I wanted to pick up a bow and arrow again. My children, Valerio and Francesca, jumped right on that. The next thing I knew they signed me up for a lesson.

At first, it was awkward, and I was shaky. The arrows were hitting the hay, the ground and not arriving anywhere near the target. But then muscle memory and a fierce competitive streak ignited. Before I knew it, I hit the bull’s eye. As I went to retrieve my arrows I stepped back and understood what 2021 was going to be about.

This year I decided I am going to be laser focused. I am going to work towards my goals and strategically hone in on how to achieve them. My word for the year is “Intention” and I am going to get there with courage and precision. Everyone should have a word for the year. I suggest reflecting on the past year and visualize your future year. Make a list of the words, review and refine it. Then set out like a warrior with your bow and arrow and aim for the bull’s eye.

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