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Exclusive Screening of The Film “Duty Free”

Everyone loves a bucket list movie. So, for that mere fact, Duty Free is worth watching (watch the trailer here). It will make you sad, happy, angry and fall in love with her son. There are a lot of take-aways from this movie. Of course, there is the ageism theme which is very in vogue right now. Instead of companies retaining or even hiring older Americans for their experience and wisdom they are eliminating them from the workplace. I think that is truly short sighted and why I loved the movie “The Intern” with Robert Di Niro. I can tell you that all my superpowers in business I learned from my father. He was the quintessential salesperson and showed me how to size up your customer, listen to what they want, taught me the art of moving the sale along and then the ultimate skill called “the close”. All three of his children graduated from The Carl C Seemann School of Salesmanship and it has done us well.

But the big take away for me was that we need to prepare for our future financially. My father was a day trader. That is not a good profession with someone with Alzheimer’s. After his diagnosis and once we finally got ahold of the finances we were in BIG trouble. He meant well but did not know what he was doing and had leveraged all his investments. I talk to families everyday that have parents that did not plan for their retirement and find themselves in the same place as we did (and the actress in this movie). She worked hard her whole life to take care of her children but did not plan for her future.

Not having a financial plan as you age is like trying to cook a gourmet meal without recipes. You might get lucky with a few dishes, but the result is not going to be what you want.

Shelley Nadel

I reached out to my colleague, Jim Galpin a financial adviser at AMPF, to get some advice. He said “Everybody should have a financial plan. The earlier you plan, the more you can control where the plan goes. However, it is never too late to review where you are at and make some adjustments. Financial planning is like planting trees. The best time to plan was years ago. The next best time to plan is today.” This is great advice. It is never too early to set aside savings for the future and to get a plan in place.

Here are two colleagues I recommend starting a Conversation about Financial Planning:

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